neděle 26. listopadu 2017

The Rhytm in Your Veins

Letters and words.
Words and letters.
Is it all that matters?
Note and tones.
Tones and note.
You can float
through you life
or dive
swim and go
through the flow.
You're not blind
and not a soldier
don't stand in the row.
Open you mind.
Forget the pain.
Just listen and you'll hear
the sound of the rain
which hides your fear.
Look. Look at you vein
but don't cut it
you're not insane.
Just look. Do you see?
The blood is your life
it makes you free.
Just feel it.
Feel the rhytm
the beat in your veins.
Forget the fright.
Listen to the sound.
Live it. Feel it. Move.
Turn around.
Yeah, that's right.
Stop hiding.
Don't shelter yourself.
Just go through the crowd
be strong and proud.
World's a flock
but you're not a sheep.
Be loud.

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