úterý 27. února 2018

Joy & Sadness

Close your eyes.
If you're sad or even mad
take your soul
squeeze it
shake your head
and breathe.
Imagine an ocean,
the aroma in the air
take a whiff, smell the salt.
Then take your feelings
take them, wrap them
grap them like a ball
throw it away, let it fall
watch sink under the water
under the salted surface of the sea
watch it, feel it, stay free.
Open your eyes.
Shelter yourself from the lies.
Let your smile be your shield
don't let your heart be a field
it's not a target for your sadness.
Don't aim on it, cover it,
unchain yourself from madness.
Remember on the happy moments,
on the sand of lucky thoughts
then jump into it, swim, don't be coy,
you're never too old to play like a boy.
Never forget the core of your joy.

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