neděle 7. února 2016


POPIS: Už jste se někdy zeptali smrti, jak se cítí ona? / Have you ever asked death how does she feel?


As I'm standing over you,
I feel you don't have a clue.
You're calm; your heart is free,
cause you're looking right through me.

Wind is blowing; your hair is flared,
if you knew me, you'd be scared.
If you knew me, you'd change your tend,
'cause honey, this is your end.

You should know I'm not so bad,
others think that, isn't it sad?
Before you fall asleep forever,
I should introduce me, it’s now or never.

I'm hard-working but tired,
the worst is I can't be fired.
Souls are my daily fellow,
when I meet them, the sky is yellow.

Now I'm looking to your eyes,
they are shining like the stars.
I feel you belong to the hell,
I can't change it with any spell.

The last thing I should mention,
cause I want to have your comprehension,
you're the very first in a row,
I can't possibly let go.

My only wish is you to stay,
but still I must take you away.
So here you are, this is your path,
good bye, darling, I'm your death.

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